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The Bombay Flying Club
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Devlali Gliding Club
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1) Flying 5 hours in an aircraft with No Engine Power.

      Lubz Corporation P. Limited manufacturers O.E.M. Brand of Mobile Coolz… Original Coolants have awarded Capt. M.D.       Bhagvati Aged 26 Years from Deolali Gliding Club, Nasik Army Aviation Airport, for cloud & thermal Soaring (flying)       continuously for 5 Hours 10 Minutes without Engine Power & without the aid of any advanced navigational instruments.
The flight was flown in an Imported Aircraft (Sail Plane) “L.E.T. Super Blanik L-23, Registering VT-GLA weighing 510 Kilograms owned by the Indian Government.

This aircraft was launched by an 135 Horse Power Dhanush Diesel Winch Engine with 3000 feet Steel Cable to an height of about 1000 feet, then the engine was disconnected by the Pilot (Capt. M.D. Bhagvati), After which the full flight was conducted by No Power at all at an average height of 5000 feet from sea Level.
The aircraft was taken off at 10:50 A.M. then after flying for 5 Hrs 10 Minutes in air with two persons on board, there after logging the landing at 04:00 P.M. hereby creating a sensation at the Deolali Gliding Club.

Capt. S .S. Chahal the Chief Pilot Instructor was really proud about this achievement of his student. He wants his Pilots to beat the International World Records. Capt. S.S. Chahal himself has done soaring for 5Hours & 45 minutes in Punjab in 1973.

Mobile Coolz… Original Coolants have given a trophy & a prize of Rupees twenty five thousand & one only to Promote young blood into venturing such activities.
2) National Gliding Championship 2001 Winning Team 

     Deolali Gliding Club - Nasik, Maharashtra.
     Winning Spot Landing, Maximum Duration, Instructor & Overall Championship Trophy.
Lubz Corporation P. Limited also intend organizing a National Level Sailplane Duration Record Competition in the next season.

Lubz Corporation P. Limited & Deolali Gliding Club, Nasik hereby congratulate Capt. M.D. Bhagvati for his achievement & hope that all young blood in the country try to do such achievements & make a mark internationally for India.
3) Spot Landing Championship 2nd Prize Trophy awarded to Capt. Mihir D. Bhagvati, in JRD TATA's Memory at Juhu, Airport, Bombay.

Mumbai: The Bombay Flying Club had organised a Spot Landing competition on October 17 to mark the 70th anniversary of JRD Tata's historic solo flight from Karachi to Mumbai via Ahmedabad, club Honorary Treasurer Capt. Neetu Gupta & Honorary Seceretary Mr. Rashid Taleyarkhan stated that the spot landing meant that the planes would have to touch down on the runway at an area, marked in advance. They said: "It will test the skills of the pilots and the aim of the competition is to encourage youngsters to take interest in the fields of aviation." The aircraft which will participate in the meet will be Pipers and Cessna's. "Each plane will be allowed to fly for seven to eight minutes,".
Mobile Coolz... Adventure Team had sponsored for all participants T-Shits etc.

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